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How to Fight A Southpaw – The Slip and Pivot

how to fight a southpaw

Use This Move Against Southpaws! As an orthodox fighter it is always tricky coming up against a southpaw(left hander) because most people are right handed so naturally the majority of people you will fight against will also be orthodox fighters, that always gives the southpaw an advantage as it takes time to adjust to the […]

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7 Ways To Throw Your Jab

7 ways to throw your jab

There’s More Than 1 Way to Throw the Jab In the video below I look at seven ways you can throw the jab. The jab is an extremely versatile weapon in your boxing tool box, no other punch is as versatile and no other punch is thrown as often as the jab. The jab can […]

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Boxing Footwork – Using The Pivot

boxing pivot

Combining Head Movement with the Pivot The pivot is almost seen as an advanced skill in boxing but the reality is it shouldn’t be viewed as such – it should be something you are using regularly and incorporating into your training and sparring. In this video we demonstrate adding the pivot to a movement of […]

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2 Gut Busting Punch Bag Workouts to Melt Away Your Fat

punch bag workouts

Strip Your Fat With These Punch Bag Workouts The punch bag is a versatile piece of equipment that has been the staple of training routines for great boxers over the years, here are two routines you can use on the bag to start punching away at that fat and burning through those calories. The Fast […]

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How Can I Punch Faster?

how can i punch faster

Increase Your Punching Speed They say in boxing that speed kills…so it is not without reason that one of the most common questions in boxing is how can I punch faster? Speed is something that is more natural than earned, it is rather like punching harder. Yes you can increase your power and you can […]

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Watford Boxing Ring – Fayz Fitness Fighting Fit

watford boxing ring

Boxing Ring Watford   Happy to announce Fayz Fitness has got a new boxing ring! This is great news for the club and will make the training so much more fun(and competitive). In addition to the new boxing ring, three bags have been installed on a corner of the ring, the fourth corner will be […]

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Sugar Ray Robinson – The Art of the Hook

sugar ray robinson the art of the hook

Sugar Ray Robinson – Death by 1000 Hooks Sugar Ray Robinson is seen by the majority as the greatest boxer who ever lived, amongst his many fans who place him at the top of the boxing tree were 2 legends of the sport, Joe Louis – one of the all time greats at heavyweight and […]

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Tricks of Muhammad Ali – Doubling The Right Hand Lead

lead right hand

How Muhammad Ali used the Right hand lead Muhammad Ali was without doubt bigger than boxing itself, a supremely gifted fighter there were many things he did, mostly this was down to his blinding speed which was extreme for a man of his size fighting in the heavyweight division. Remember Ali wasn’t just a heavyweight, […]

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The History of the Philly Shell

The History of the Philly Shell

The History of the Philly Shell Defence The Philly Shell defence claimed notoriety when Floyd Mayweather Jr was riding through boxing with an undefeated record shutting down every opponent he was coming across. Opponents could not knock Mayweather Jr out let alone knock him down. I have previously written about the history of the shoulder […]

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Are Boxing Shoes Worth it?

Are Boxing shoes worth it

How are Boxing Shoes different? So I had just had this discussion during one of my classes this morning so I thought it would be a good idea to get a blog post up about this very topic! So – are boxing shoes worth it? When one starts boxing, the first things they naturally think […]

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