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Boxings Best Finishers – Who are they?

boxings best finishers

The Killer Instinct – Boxings Best Finishers What is the killer instinct? It is the ability to finish your opponent hurt when you see you have broken their defence and they are hurting, it is a split second decision in which you decide the reward is greater than the risk, when you decide you will […]

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Four Tips To Help You Avoid The Knockout – Never Get Knocked Out Again!

How to Prevent Getting Knocked Out! You know the old saying, if you walk into a shower you are going to get wet, if you walk into the ring, you are going to get hit. Whilst that may be true, what we don’t want is to get knocked the hell out! Some people say you […]

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Increase Your Punching Power With This Drill

Increase Your Punching Power With This Drill! Boxing is a sport which requires extreme amounts of endurance, when it comes to adding power to your punches, you cannot just go to the gym and lift heavy weights or add on 10lbs and then return to the ring and think you can hit harder. primarily because […]

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Three Ways to Throw the Left Hook

Three Ways to Throw the Left Hook The hook is a devastating punch, reputations and careers have been formed on the back of this one punch, Joe Frazier and Tommy Morrison to name but two. The perfect punch was Sugar Ray Robinsons knock out of Gene Fulmer, the punch was a left hook. One of […]

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Drills For Sparring

Drills For Sparring The old saying goes ‘repetition is the mother of all learning’ and for any sport you play, this is very true. In boxing, whilst we may work on the mitts or on the bag, nothing is better than sparring for getting you ready for your fight, it is the closest thing to […]

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The Basics of Boxing Footwork

The Basics of Boxing Footwork   Boxing attracts fans and participants more for the hands than the feet, but once you start boxing, you quickly realise it is not your hands that set up your foundation for success, but your legs. You can hit as hard or fast as you like, if you do not […]

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Boxing Footwork – Why You Must Learn To Pivot

Why You Must Learn to Pivot The pivot is often an overlooked skill in boxing. There have been times I have trained guys who have been training at clubs for a year or more and have never been taught how to use the pivot. This is shocking because pivoting is a basic skill you must […]

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The Different Types of Jab

The Different Types of Jab The most important punch is a boxers arsenal, and the most commonly thrown punch, is none other than the jab. It is often called the can opener and for good reason. The jab can set up any punch and can be used in a variety of ways. It can be […]

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How to Set up Your Punches

How to Set up your Punches An often overlooked aspect in boxing for beginners is the ability to set up your punch. People often think you just walk in and throw your shots, but doing this is likely to end up with you getting punched in the face before you even throw your shot and […]

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Five Counters to the Right Cross

How to Counter the Right Cross The majority of boxers you come across will be fighting out of an orthodox stance, which means the right hand will be their stronger hand. Having the ability to both defend and counter their power shot will greatly increase your chances of victory, if you can hurt them when […]

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