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Closing the Gap – Bernard Hopkins

closing the gap

So what is one referring to when they talk about ‘closing the gap’? Closing the gap in boxing usually refers to closing the distance between yourself and the your opponent. <br /> Ok so we have established that closing the gap is basically the distance between you and your opponent, that gap can also be […]

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Nicolino Locche and the Feint

nicolino locche and the feint

In today’s article I am going to go over the feint and how it was used by Nicolino Locche to win the world light welterweight title back in 1968. The feint is used to open an opponent up by faking a punch to extract a reaction to help you read what your opponent is going […]

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How to Fight Someone Bigger than you by Charley Burley

how to fight someone bigger than you

Recently I put up a quick video on social media about Charley Burley. Now Burley was the first person I featured in my book Forgotten Legends of the Ring, Burley is often cited as the greatest boxer never to win a world title, not because he wasn’t good enough but because he was also the […]

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Old School Boxing – Defending the Jab Cross

defending the jab cross

The Catch and Step Out Defending the jab cross is second only to defending the jab in the combinations you will have to face and defend against as a boxer. The old one, two is the most basic combination of them all and as such that means it is the combo you will likely see […]

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The Check Hook

Check Hook

The hook is one of the most explosive, if not the most explosive punch in boxing. Left hook knockouts(or right hook if you happen to be a southpaw) provide many a highlight reel and the greatest exponents of the hook are celebrated in boxing. Who had the greatest left hook for example? You might hear […]

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How to Use the Uppercut by Sugar Ray Robinson

uppercut sugar ray robinson

how to use the uppercut by sugar ray robinson.

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Who was the Best ever Boxing trainer?

boxing trainer

Boxing Coach – Who’s the greatest? Boxing trainers don’t always get a lot of love, they are the people who work diligently in the background, making sure their fighter is in shape for the contest, working on a game plan, ensuring the fighter makes weight, gets his sparring partners. When a fighter wins or puts […]

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Boxing Feints by Muhammad Ali

Boxing Feints

How to use the feint by Muhammad Ali   Feinting is an extremely important art in boxing. The better you become as a boxer, the more important it is to learn boxing feints in order to open up your opponent. A skilled opponent would have been drilled in defending the basic punches and punch combinations, […]

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Punching with the Roll – Salvador Sanchez

salvador sanchez

  Boxing Tricks – Punching with the Roll Salvador Sanchez might have gone on to become Mexico’s greatest ever boxer but sadly died in a car accident aged just 23. Not only was he headed for greatness in a land full of supreme fighters, he would have become an all time great boxer and one […]

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Boxing Skills – The Spin and Shoot

The Spin and Shoot

Turning an opponent, spinning an opponent are great skills to possess in boxing, even better though is to add a punch to the end of the turning or spinning. This is because by turning your opponent you have moved them to a position of weakness whilst you are in a position of strength. They say […]

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