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The Slip

This is a defensive movement used to avoid a jab or cross coming from your opponent

  • The slip is a defensive movement used by boxers in order to avoid straight punches.
  • A slip added to a combination builds the boxers reflex actions.
  • It also increases intensity and variety to a work out.
  • Most commonly, slip to the outside to your opponent’s jab and inside to avoid the cross(Orthodox opponent).
  • Slipping is only a small movement and the eyes should always remain on the target.
  • When performing a slip, turning the feet and hips will help load up your next punch.

Combination using the slip

Combination 1

  • Jab, Cross, Slip, Cross
  • + Hook, Cross
  • + Slip, Cross

Combination 2

  • Jab, Cross, Duck, Cross
  • + Slip, Slip, Hook, Cross
  • + Slip, Slip, Hook, Cross

A good habit to develop is using a technical drill for sparring. In this case, to practice the slip, try a few rounds where you and your opponent can only throw jabs and after every jab you must slip or duck, this is a great way to ingrain this into your movement to make it automatic. As the most oft-used punch, it stands to reason the jab will also be the most oft-countered punch so learning to move your head after throwing the jab is essential to your success.


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