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What Boxing Style Should I Use?

What Boxing Style Am I? Now this is a very important question and there has to be a distinction made here. Whenever you discuss boxing with someone, the question inevitably follows – who is your favourite boxer? But should you fight like your favourite boxer and how does one determine what boxing style should I […]

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On This Day Muhammad Ali Punishes Ernie Terrell

Muhammad Ali Ernie Terrell

Ali Enters Beast Mode   In 1967 Muhammad Ali was at the peak of his powers and entering the prime of his career. At 25yrs old Ali was improving fight by fight and just a few months earlier, had put in what was arguably his finest ever performance when he dismantled Cleveland Williams in three […]

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Sugar Ray Robinson – The Art of the Hook

sugar ray robinson the art of the hook

Sugar Ray Robinson – Death by 1000 Hooks Sugar Ray Robinson is seen by the majority as the greatest boxer who ever lived, amongst his many fans who place him at the top of the boxing tree were 2 legends of the sport, Joe Louis – one of the all time greats at heavyweight and […]

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Fayz Fitness Discount with a Watford Chiropractor

watford chiropractor

Watford Chiropractor Teams up with Fayz Fitness   Boxing is a rigorous sport, as such as our bodies undergo a lot of pressure in training to perform at our best. As with any sport and any kind of physical activity the body will inevitably be put under strain and there is a risk of injury […]

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Top Ten Boxing Mistakes

top ten boxing mistakes

Top Ten Beginner Mistakes You need to Avoid Not for nothing is boxing called the sweet science. Although it can look caveman like at times when watching on the tv for those who do not participate in the sport, there is in actuality a lot to the sport. Practice makes perfect, but you’ve got to […]

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My Take on Khabib vs McGregor

khabib vs mcgregor

Khabib vs McGregor – The Aftermath   It seems the whole world of combat sports is talking about events over the weekend which took place in the octagon between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor so I thought it would be rude not to give my two cents on Khabib vs McGregor… First of all, I […]

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Will Boxing Give me Confidence?

will boxing give me confidence

Will Boxing Give me Confidence? A huge reason why boxing is and always has been a popular sport is because of its versatility. If you want to lose weight, boxing workouts will hope you shed some spare pounds, if you want to get fit, boxing training provides a fun and interesting way to increase your […]

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Strength and Conditioning For Boxing

strength and conditioning for boxing

Is Strength and Conditioning Good For Boxing Strength and conditioning for boxing plays an important part of your game. Times have changed and with advancements in training methods and nutrition, we have a better idea of how to set up training programs for boxers. The old days was mostly a program consisting of plenty of […]

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Gennady Golovkin vs Canelo Alvarez II Fight Preview

Gennady Golovkin’s Lack of Youth vs Canelo Alvarez’s Lack of Clenbuterol….   Last year in September, Gennady Golovkin and Canelo Alvarez faced eachother to decide who was the middleweight king. In last years prediction my choice was a close points win for Golovkin whilst hoping the judges didn’t ruin the fight – that’s pretty much […]

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Who’s The Fastest Boxer of All-Time?

fastest boxers

Who’s The Fastest Boxer of All-Time? Speed Kills…Boxing is a sport which requires many traits one needs to excel at – which trait is the single most important? Is it having one punch knock out power, the sort of power Middleweight Julian Jackson was capable of summoning up at any moment? What about having a […]

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