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Boxing Training For Speed

Boxing Training For Speed

Boxing Workout For Speed How can I get faster is probably the question I am asked most as a boxing coach, if it’s not that then it is how can I punch harder? There is a lot of debate around these questions, predominantly based around the opinion that speed is natural(or that big punchers are […]

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Strength and Conditioning For Boxing

strength and conditioning for boxing

Is Strength and Conditioning Good For Boxing Strength and conditioning for boxing plays an important part of your game. Times have changed and with advancements in training methods and nutrition, we have a better idea of how to set up training programs for boxers. The old days was mostly a program consisting of plenty of […]

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Boxing Workout For Weight Loss

boxing workout for weight loss

Boxing Workout To Lose Weight Boxing has many benefits, one of the reasons it is such a great workout and why it will always be a popular choice, not just for those wanting to spar or fight, is the benefits it provides for losing weight and quickly getting one into shape. I have led so […]

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RCR Products Pre Workout Booster Review

rcr products pre workout booster

Review of RCR Nutrition Pre Workout Supplement   So I recently received my order of RCR Products Pre Workout Powder. It was a very timely delivery because I had a long and busy day planned. Starting at 9am in the gym for my own weight training session and then ending 12hrs later at 9pm with […]

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Boxing Where Does Power Come From

boxing where does your power come from

Boxing Where Does Power Come From? Having a big punch in boxing, is like having a get out of jail card in Monopoly – a big punch has the potential to get you out of trouble and has the potential to change the tide of the fight. It is often called the equaliser as it […]

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Does Bench Press help Boxing?

does bench press help boxing

The Bench Press And Boxing Boxing training has changed quite drastically from the previous generations, today we can find boxers of all levels not just with a boxing trainer, but a strength and conditioning coach and nutritionist too. How times have changed, the fighters of yesteryear would very often have a very limited arsenal to […]

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Will Boxing Get You in Shape?

will boxing get you in shape

Will Boxing Get You in Shape? This is a common question for those interested in boxing training. Will boxing get me in shape and will boxing make me lose weight. With all the craze over fitness classes, circuits and other forms of exercise based around boxercise, this is a question which has to be asked. […]

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Four Tips To Help You Avoid The Knockout – Never Get Knocked Out Again!

How to Prevent Getting Knocked Out! You know the old saying, if you walk into a shower you are going to get wet, if you walk into the ring, you are going to get hit. Whilst that may be true, what we don’t want is to get knocked the hell out! Some people say you […]

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Increase Your Punching Power With This Drill

Increase Your Punching Power With This Drill! Boxing is a sport which requires extreme amounts of endurance, when it comes to adding power to your punches, you cannot just go to the gym and lift heavy weights or add on 10lbs and then return to the ring and think you can hit harder. primarily because […]

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No Time? No Gym? 3 Simple Routines to Burn Fat Fast!

No Time? No Gym? 3 Simple Routines to Burn Fat Fast!   Today’s lifestyle is fast paced, we’re all busy with work and then we go home and we’re busy with our families, and for many of us work doesn’t even end there. Whether we are still checking the work emails, on call from home […]

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