How to Increase your Punching Power

How to Increase your Punching Power

How Do You Increase Your Punch Power?

There are many exercises you can use when it comes to how to increase your punching power, some have already been covered in various articles on my site and many others are covered in my book ‘Strength and Conditioning for Boxing‘.

The squat is often called the king of exercises, there is little to compare to the squat with the exception of the deadlift when it comes to building all round strength and muscle. Of course as a boxer, you will be training your legs a lot through running(both jogging and sprinting) and whilst sparring, so the deadlift is the preferred option when it comes to boxing. However the squat and its variations still have their place in a boxers strength and conditioning routine.

The speed squat is one such form which I believe you must be implementing into your training. This movement focuses on explosive power, and with punching power predominantly coming from the ground up, that makes the squat an excellent movement to be doing if you are wanting to punch harder.

With the speed squat, you will be using a weight that is 30-50% of your one rep max, so if you can squat 100kg, you will be using between 30-50kg. I would recommend 30kg if it is your first try, it is always better to be on the lighter side and then you can gradually look to increase the weight. You will be lowering the weight slowly and then lifting the weight explosively. Do no more than 2-3 reps per set and for a total of 5-8 sets, so if you are doing 3 reps, 5-6 sets is fine, if you are trying 2 reps, then 7-8 sets is good.

Punching should be a fast movement, which is why speed training, which trains the body to move quickly and explosively, is a great way to train. The speed squat isn’t just great for boxing, it is great for every combat sport and in general most sports, Rugby, American Football, Basketball are just three sports off the top of my head which the speed squat would make a useful addition to. Watch my video below which shows how to increase your punching power using the speed squat.

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