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Fayz Fitness Releases it’s first book! The Boxing Cheat Sheet

Fayz Fitness has released its first book titled ‘The Boxing Cheat Sheet – Your Ultimate Guide to Ring Survival’ available for download now on Amazon!     The Boxing Cheat Sheet – Your Ultimate Guide To Ring Survival. No fluff – just what works! Use the tips in this book to help you polish […]

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Fasting For Fast Weight Loss

Fasting For Fast Weight Loss   A little over four weeks ago the muslim world celebrated the end of the month of Ramadan with Eid ul Fitr. For those of you who were fasting in the UK, the fasting times were around 19hrs. That’s a long time to go without food or drink but congratulations […]

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Why Carb Cycling Is The Best Diet For You….

Why carb cycling is the best diet for you…. well, probably…and notice I said best, not the most simple because if you are not a fan of writing down everything you eat then you likely won’t enjoy the attention to detail a carb cycling diet requires. If you are like me, in that I prefer […]

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The Ketogenic Diet

Ketosis – What is it? There are a number of dieting methods available to us today, so many infact, that many people will likely end up being confused about which diet to try, some will be so confused they won’t even bother starting. One of the more well known methods of dieting is named Ketosis, […]

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