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How to Counter the Right hand by Archie Moore

Archie Moore

Defending the Right Hand Archie Moore was one of the all time great boxers who would have his share of fans labelling him as the greatest light heavyweight boxer in history. He also holds the record of the most number of knockouts – over 130 to his name! So you know when you hear the […]

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Countering the Jab by Roberto Duran

countering the jab by roberto duran

How Roberto Duran countered the Jab Countering the jab is an extremely important aspect of your boxing, why? Because the jab is the most commonly thrown punch so you have to develop some form of defence and counter attack to this punch, if you don’t you are in for a long night and a very […]

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7 Ways To Throw Your Jab

7 ways to throw your jab

There’s More Than 1 Way to Throw the Jab In the video below I look at seven ways you can throw the jab. The jab is an extremely versatile weapon in your boxing tool box, no other punch is as versatile and no other punch is thrown as often as the jab. The jab can […]

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Eight Great Boxers with the Best Defence

Eight Great Boxers with the best defence

Boxers with the Greatest Defence Boxing is often called the art of hitting without getting hit. For most fight fans little matches the thrill of the art of hitting. When Boxings biggest punchers land their best shots, fans hold their breath in awe as the gladiators of the ring are toppled like trees. We all […]

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Ring IQ – Top Six Most Intelligent Boxers

most intelligent boxers

Ring IQ – Top Six Smartest Fighters The Most Intelligent Boxers….An overlooked trait to the casual eye is the ring smarts required to be a successful boxer, it is not always speed, power and athleticism which wins you the fight, when it comes to the highest levels of the sport, a fighter will inevitably come […]

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Top Ten Boxing Mistakes

top ten boxing mistakes

Top Ten Beginner Mistakes You need to Avoid Not for nothing is boxing called the sweet science. Although it can look caveman like at times when watching on the tv for those who do not participate in the sport, there is in actuality a lot to the sport. Practice makes perfect, but you’ve got to […]

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Who’s The Fastest Boxer of All-Time?

Who's the Fastest Boxer of all-time

Who’s The Fastest Boxer of All-Time? Speed Kills…Boxing is a sport which requires many traits one needs to excel at – which trait is the single most important? Is it having one punch knock out power, the sort of power Middleweight Julian Jackson was capable of summoning up at any moment? What about having a […]

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When The Bubble Bursts – 5 Boxers Who Never Recovered From Defeat

boxing hype jobs

Boxers who were never the same after their first loss….   A fighter will inevitably experience defeat, whether that is in the amateur ranks or the pro ranks, a win can be the highest of the highs but a loss can equally be the lowest of the lows. In a one man sport such as […]

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Boxing – Which Weight Class Am I?

what weight class am I?

What’s My Boxing Weight Class? Here is a simple breakdown of what boxing weight class you fall into. The table is broken down in to weight in pounds, stones and Kilograms so as long as you know your weight in any metric, you should be able to see which weight class you fall into. The […]

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Boxings Best Finishers – Who are they?

boxings best finishers

The Killer Instinct – Boxings Best Finishers What is the killer instinct? It is the ability to finish your opponent hurt when you see you have broken their defence and they are hurting, it is a split second decision in which you decide the reward is greater than the risk, when you decide you will […]

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