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Bernard Hopkins – Taking Away the Right

bernard hopkins taking away the right

Bernard Hopkins was one of the smartest fighters of all time, how else can you explain a man in his late 40’s winning the world title and still being competitive in his 50’s. Hopkins was a real old school fighter, a late starter to boxing he hailed from one of the greatest boxing cities of […]

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James Toney – 5 Set ups for the Right Hand

james toney

The one they called Lights Out was a masterful boxer. James Toney is one of those old school throwback type of fighters who was a joy to watch because he had such mastery over the sweet science of boxing. Toney was shown the ways of the old school by his coach Bill Miller – Miller […]

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Sugar Ray Leonard – The Up Jab

up jab

When Sugar Met El Radar When Sugar Ray Leonard met the man with the Spidey Senses Wilfred Benitez in 1979 the two were both young but already great fighters. Benitez had made waves when he became the youngest world champion in history aged just 17 as he took the light welterweight crown and now still […]

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Hardest Punchers in Boxing History – Ten More of the Best

boxings best punchers

Boxings Best Punchers It’s been a couple of years since I wrote part I of the Hardest Punchers in Boxing History – Twelve of the Best so finally I decided to delve into the history books and look at ten more ferocious punchers who could have rightly been included in my first list. I will […]

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Larry Holmes and the Stiff Arm

stiff arm

How to use the Stiff Arm The Stiff Arm is something I have discussed before on this site when looking at several of the tactics used by Kronk Gym fighters, most noticeably Thomas Hearns. The Hitman was one of the best ever and used his height and reach to take full advantage of the stiff […]

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Roy Jones Jr – How to Beat the Philly Shell or Shoulder Roll

how to beat the philly shell

How to Beat the Philly Shell or Shoulder Roll James Toney is one of my favourite boxers, when it comes to fighters I would recommend any young fighter to study, Toney is arguably the one I would most recommend. Toney was a great boxer, using the shoulder roll few if any were better at fighting […]

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George Benton – How to Counter the Jab

George Benton

48 Ways to Counter the Jab George Benton once famously quipped he had 48 ways to counter the jab. Now George Benton was a masterful boxer and studied the sport both when he was boxing and when he was a coach – at which he would become a hall of fame boxing trainer. Benton’s biggest […]

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Sugar Ray Robinson vs Floyd Mayweather Jr

sugar ray robinson vs floyd mayweather jr

SUGAR RAY ROBINSON VS FLOYD MAYWEATHER JR – WHO WINS? It’s the greatest boxer of the 20th century vs the greatest boxer of the 21st century, the greatest offensive fighter of all time against the greatest defensive fighter of all time, the best ever at welterweight in yesterday’s generation against the best ever welterweight in […]

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Sugar Ray Robinson Film Study


Sugar Ray Robinson was in my opinion – and in the opinion of many others, to be the greatest boxer in history. Of course this is something which is up for debate, we all have our opinions but something I do find it hard to believe is though, if Robinson wasn’t the greatest boxer of […]

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Mike Tyson – Closing the Gap

Mike Tyson Closing the Gap

Mike Tyson is a name I am sure we all recognise, the heavyweight exploded on to the scene in the mid 1980’s and would go on to become one of the giants of the sport of boxing. Tyson was a lot of things, exciting, intimidating, fast, quick and powerful it is little wonder he rivals […]

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