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Fayz Fitness Releases it’s first book! The Boxing Cheat Sheet

Fayz Fitness has released its first book titled ‘The Boxing Cheat Sheet – Your Ultimate Guide to Ring Survival’ available for download now on Amazon!     The Boxing Cheat Sheet – Your Ultimate Guide To Ring Survival. No fluff – just what works! Use the tips in this book to help you polish […]

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Would you like to DOUBLE, triple, even QUADRUPLE your self-confidence?

Would you like to DOUBLE, triple, even QUADRUPLE your self-confidence? Do you want to know how you can develop Super Hero like confidence that gives you the self assuredness to know you can handle any situation and take on any challenge which life throws at you? I thought so. Now let me explain…. Did you […]

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One Minute To A Fitter You?

Previously on my site, I have discussed work outs which have included high intensity interval training, training for short bursts at a time, I have gone over the 30 second on off method and in this article I am going to go over the 60 second on off method, or one on one off as […]

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One Year On: Muhammad Ali

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There really isn’t anything I could write which hasn’t already been said about Muhammad Ali, indeed Ali is arguably the most written about sports person in history. 3rd June marks a year since the passing of a sporting legend and a global superstar. I’m going to keep this article pretty short, because of my previous […]

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How To Improve Your Will Power

How To Improve Your Will Power Having the correct mindset is essential in life, to be successful in any endeavor you must be focused and you must be in the correct frame of mind. If you are not clear in your mind in what you want to achieve, there is a high chance you will […]

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Watford’s Anthony Joshua Reigns Supreme On The Heavyweight Throne

The Road to the Heavyweight Championship Must Now Pass Through Watford The Heavyweight Division has always been the glamour division of the sport, the global superstars produced by Boxing, those that have captured the publics imagination have been the great Heavyweights such as Muhammad Ali, Joe Louis and Mike Tyson. Sure, the marquee division of […]

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The Treadmill Pyramid – Get Fighting Fit with this Work Out HIT!

The Treadmill Pyramid – Get Fighting Fit with this Work Out HIT! Here’s a work out I devised which I use on some of my clients and also use myself. It is not just great for Boxers, but for anyone looking to quickly lose weight or get into shape. This work out is great for […]

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On This Day – Boxings Greatest Sugar Ray Robinson Dies

On This Day – Boxings Greatest Sugar Ray Robinson Departs on April 12 1989 the sport of Boxing lost the man whom many call the greatest Boxer to have ever lived. The man who called himself ‘The Greatest’ Muhammad Ali said about this Boxer that he was ‘the king, the master, my idol.’ This man […]

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Floyd Mayweather Jnr vs Conor McGregor – It Wouldn’t Be The First Time….

  The showdown between MMA star Conor McGregor and retired Boxing World Champion Floyd Mayweather Jnr looks to be inevitable. With the trash talking forever lingering refusing to go away for the past year and with the huge amounts of money involved it only seems a matter of time before the fight is officially announced. […]

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Two Day Sample Workout – Power

Here’s a quick sample work out for developing power and explosiveness. The work out is suited for athletes, so those participating in a sport. This particular work out would be better suited for someone who partakes in a combat sport ie Boxing, Muay Thai or MMA but for those of you who play sports such […]

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