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Muhammad Ali v Mike Tyson – Who Wins?

Boxing is a sport which has created superstars, if there is any sport which can claim to have created ‘Superman’ or ‘Supermen’, it is Boxing, and more specifically, the heavyweights. In 1978 DC Comics released a comic in which Heavyweight Champion Muhammad Ali took on Superman, unsurprisingly titled as Muhammad Ali vs Superman, original I […]

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How To Use Feints In Boxing

How To Use Feints In Boxing To become a capable boxer, you must learn to use feints. Feinting is a necessary advanced skill all Boxers will need to learn. If you are not using feints against a decent boxer, the chances are your opponent will pick off and defend pretty much every shot you throw, […]

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Can You Lose Weight In 30 mins Per Day?

Yes! 30mins of exercise is plenty, of course there are several factors, how intense is your work out? Are you making healthy food choices? I’m not saying your diet has to be squeaky clean but if you are grabbing the pringles after a work out you are limiting the amount of weight you can lose. […]

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How To Fight Someone Taller Than You

How To Fight A Taller Boxer One of the most difficult fights in the ring you can ever experience is against an opponent who has a significant height advantage over you. You may be the better boxer with more technical skills in the ring, but a tall boxer can overcome all of that and leave […]

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How To Fight A Southpaw

Southpaws(a left handed fighter who jabs with the right hand) will always present a tricky challenge to an orthodox fighter(someone who jabs with the left hand and is essentially right handed) as the majority of fighters are right handed, so whereas the southpaw is used to fighting orthodox boxers, the orthodox boxer wont have come […]

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How To Counter The Right Cross

In this video we go over four counters to the right cross. The majority of the Boxers you will come across will be orthodox fighters, so they will be right handed which means the right cross will generally be their power punch. If you can learn to effectively defend and counter their power punch, you […]

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How To Punch Harder – The Right Cross

The cross will be one of your harder punches, because it will be your dominant hand, if you are an orthodox fighter, the right cross is your strong hand and if you are a southpaw, it will be the left cross. Use the tips in the video below to increase your punching power. Just like […]

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How To Fight Someone Faster Than You

how to fight someone faster than you

There is an old saying in Boxing – Speed Kills…. If I was to ask you to name any two boxers in history, chances are you would name at least one probably both of the following names, Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson. Both boxers were fast with quick hands, Ali changed Heavyweight Boxing for good, […]

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Increasing Power Through Contrast Training

Increasing Power through Contrast Training For athletes power is of utmost importance. Power is the product of strength and speed. Pretty much every major sport you can think of, the sports person will require power, especially explosive power to perform at a high level in their sport. For Boxers, more power means a harder punch, […]

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How To Punch Harder Part II The Secret Of Speed Training

how to punch harder

How to Punch harder Part II – The Secret of Speed Training This is part II on how to punch harder, if you haven’t already, I suggest you read Part I which can be found here(How To Punch Harder) but we’ll go over the basics of that article before we move into the movements you […]

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