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Meet Lavesh. Lavesh was initially coming to me for weight training but soon changed to Boxing just after the Mayweather v Pacquio fight. He has come a long way since then, from having absolutely zero Boxing experience, if you were see to him Boxing now you would think he was a veteran. A southpaw, his strengths are his natural elusiveness and footwork when sparring and his ability to think about his game and what he wants to do.

First Name


What is your job?

IT Auditor

How Long have you been training/boxing?

Just over 2 years

What got you interested in training/boxing?

Living an overall healthier lifestyle first got me interested in training and the Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight and the build-up and excitement surrounding this got me more interested in boxing.

What do like most about boxing/training?

I enjoy sparring. In particular, I enjoy seeing the progress that I observe myself making. I see improvements in stamina, speed, power, footwork and the strategies I use in sparring.

Do you have any hobbies outside of the gym?

Outside of the gym I enjoy a variety of IT based hobbies, reading, playing cricket, running, and recently snooker too.

Do you follow other sports outside of Boxing? Is there a particular sportsman you admire?

Outside of boxing, I occasionally watch cricket (just the one-day matches!) and Formula 1. I particularly admire the work ethic and ambitious nature of Lewis Hamilton.

Which Boxers do you particularly enjoy watching?

I really enjoy watching both Guillermo Rigondeaux and Vasyl Lomachenko. Both widely regarded as two of the best amateur boxers.  As I box in a southpaw stance, I draw inspiration from their footwork and strategies in the ring. Both boxers are highly technical and I enjoy watching both boxer’s strong defensive abilities, movement, pivots, and counter abilities.

If you could choose to watch two boxers past or present fight each other, who would you most like to see?

A fight between Rigondeaux and Lomachenko would be very interesting to see.

Mike Tyson (prime) vs Muhammad Ali (prime).

Mike Tyson (prime) vs George Foreman (prime)

Mike Tyson v Muhammad Ali – who wins?

If I had to pick, I think Tyson would take a loss here.

Ali had a reach and height advantage, combine that with his foot speed, I think he may have been able to maintain distance in earlier rounds where Tyson was more active on attacking. A point to note would be that Ali didn’t usually keep his arms in a defensive position, giving Tyson an advantage here for his attacks, though Ali had a strong chin . I believe Tyson’s chances of a victory would decrease as the rounds went by, where Ali’s stamina would come as an advantage.

Floyd Mayweather Jnrs defense or Mike Tysons offence – which would you rather possess and why?

Mike Tyson’s offense. Highly effective and practical when required.

What do you think of the Canelo v GGG matchup?

This will be a very interesting fight! Though boxers have their individual strengths, I have a feeling GGG will take a victory here. Though, it could go either way.

How do you motivate yourself to keep training?

I remind myself of the successes I have had when I have shown dedication to training and how content I feel having trained. This may be in sparring, where my training during the week has led to improved stamina, better footwork, improved choice of combination etc. This may even be outside of boxing where training has led to my energy levels remaining higher through the day.

How has the training made a difference to your life?

Training has significantly enhanced my speed, fitness, power and endurance. The training has also led to me having a more balanced diet, increased stamina and a confidence that spreads through my daily life.

Who would you most like to punch in the face?

Fayz – But only because this reassures me of my boxing abilities.

Plenty of others. The list is extensive.

Who or what inspires you?

The potential of people. Both individually and as a species.

If you could go back in time to when you was a child, what advice would you give yourself?

“Hey Lavesh, this is Lavesh. I can’t stay for too long, the future needs me (…and technically you). You are the one person who has most influence on your life and happiness, remember that! Work hard and focus your abilities. Find a happy medium between your long term and short term happiness. Stop worrying about what others think about you. It doesn’t matter. Read a book every now and then. Appreciate the people around you – some of them may not be around too much longer. Oh and the Euromillions numbers on Friday 15th September 2017 are…”

Do you have any words of wisdom you live your life by?

“Everything in the universe is within you. Ask all from yourself.”

― Jalaluddin Rumi


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