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Hector Camacho

The Feints of Macho Time

Hector Camacho was one of the most flamboyant characters we have ever seen in Boxing and he was flamboyant both in and out of the ring with a larger than life personality – but he was also an outrageously talented boxer known most of all for his speed, the three weight world champion was undoubtedly one of the fastest boxers I have ever seen.

You always hear Speed Kills in boxing and when you are as quick as Camacho then feinting your shots becomes an extremely effective tool because your speed already has the opponent on edge. Camacho would mix his feints up but often he threw his feints fast and short – you get some boxers who will use a sort of mix between the slow feint and the touch jab but Camacho would usually throw the feint fast and he would double and triple up the quick feint before fully extending the jab. At times he could even gradually increase the length of the feint, bringing the arm out further and further with each feint before turning that feint into the jab.

Hooking off the jab feint is a common weapon we see and this is arguably more effective for Camacho because of his speed, his fast jabs would cause a reaction in his opponent or cause them to hesitate and Camacho would then throw the hook off the feint, interestingly Camacho would bring his hand back to the chin off the jab feint before then throwing the left hook.

Of course it wasn’t just fast hands Camacho possessed but fast feet, now this of course meant he could utilise the foot feint which he did to good effect. Just like the jab feint where Camacho would double and triple it up, he would do the same with the foot feint, double and tripling up the foot feint and also combining it with a jab feint – especially when wanting to bait the opponent to throw the lead which Camacho would then counter.

Here is the video of Hector Camacho using the hand and foot feints as he gets his opponent ready for Macho Time.

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