How To Throw The Jab

In this video we take a look at how to throw the jab. There are many different types of jabs, such as the up jab or screw jab but here we will be looking at the most common type of jab.

You must master the jab to be an effective Boxer, often referred to as the ‘can opener’ it sets up other punches and is the most important weapon in a Boxer’s armory.

5 things to remember when throwing the jab

  1. Jab using the chest, this provides the extra ‘oomph’ into the punch
  2. Keep your elbow higher than your shoulder(added power)
  3.  Rotate the fist as you deliver the jab
  4.  Step in whilst throwing the jab
  5.  Keep your chin tucked in behind your arm/shoulder to prevent yourself getting countered


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