Julian Jackson – The Knockout

Julian Jackson

Little excites boxing fans more than the knockout. When it comes to the most exciting fighters of all time, usually you will see they are great punchers, fighters capable of ending a bout in any given moment. It’s no wonder that Mike Tyson is the most exciting boxer we have ever seen and a huge reason why was his ability to detach his opponent from his senses. But around the time Mike Tyson was making headlines as the heavyweight champion of the world and later as still the most exciting fighter on the planet, there was another man who’s punching power almost equally made him as intimidating as Iron Mike Tyson – The Hawk Julian Jackson.

Jackson was a ferocious puncher who featured in my article on the hardest punchers of all time. In fact it wouldn’t be a stretch to say he was the greatest one punch knock out artist we have ever seen in the squared circle. Julian Jackson certainly possessed some of the scariest knock outs I have ever seen, Herol Graham immediately comes to mind…

In this video below we see how Julian Jackson set up the knockout of Terry Norris. Now Norris was a very good boxer, a world champion in fact, when you watch the fight although it did not last long, you would think that up until the ending, Norris was quite easily winning the rounds but on closer inspection we see that Jackson was actually setting Norris up for the knockout punch…

Early on in the fight we see Jackson throw a 1-2 to the body of Norris and Norris drops his hands to defend the shots. Later on in the round Jackson throws a jab to the body and yet again Norris drops the rear hand to block the punch…during the round Jackson attempts a jab to the head of Norris and Norris counters this by throwing the cross counter, which is the right cross over the jab of Jackson – we can also see when he throws this shot the lead hand of Norris is dropping – this is important to note because I am sure Julian Jackson also picked up on this.

Jackson later in the round uses the foot feint to draw a reaction from Terry Norris and Norris obliges by yet again throwing the cross counter to Jackson’s feint as he was expecting a jab and yet again we can see Norris has dropped his lead hand when throwing the shot. Now Jackson almost certainly has picked up that Norris is looking to counter the jab with the cross counter and he will have noticed when Norris throws it, the lead hand is dropping presenting a window of opportunity…

In the very next round Jackson backs Norris up near the ropes, he then throws a decoy jab to the head of Norris followed by a feint jab to the body…Norris begins to wind up his rear hand to throw the cross counter but it is too late because that was exactly the shot Jackson was looking for and why he used the decoy and then feint jab. With the lead hand of Norris dropping as he prepares to throw the cross counter, Jackson is able to swing his right hand over the dropping lead hand of Norris and score another sensational knockout.

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