Want to Learn how to Box? Why not try Home based Boxing training?


Want to Learn how to Box? Why not try Home based Boxing training?

Picture this, you’ve just come back from a long hard day at work, the boss is giving you hell, your work mates aren’t co-operating, you’ve got deadlines to meet and you’re feeling stressed. Now it’s going to take you some time getting home, you might have a ride on the underground, battling for space in the carriage which resembles a cattle market more than it does a mode of transport for people and you’ve got to catch the train whilst hoping there isn’t yet another delay. Maybe you bought the car in today are faced with the prospect of rush hour traffic, after a slog at work the last thing you want to do is waste more time trying to go home.
You get home and you feel horrible, sluggish and stressed. You’ve got work the next day too and thanks to the long journey home you’ve only got a handful of hours left in the night to eat, relax and spend time with the family. You look at the time and think you haven’t been to the gym this week, you know you should because exercise always makes you feel better and fresher, it clears your mind and gives you renewed energy to take on the next working day and taking a look at your waistline you can feel it slowly expanding on you, you’re sure your belt wasn’t feeling this tight last month but you look outside and wonder, do I really want to pack my gym gear, travel through the traffic again in this miserable weather, find a parking space, then hover around the equipment in the gym hoping it is free and not surrounded by the group of friends who take turns with 10 sets between them before anyone else can use it? You’ve just spent an hour waiting to arrive home, now you want to waste more time waiting for the gym machines to be free to use in an overcrowded gym?

So what is the solution to solve your gym troubles? Work out at home! And why is this such a good idea? Let’s have a look at why training at home can make all the difference.

1. Time
In todays fast paced society everyone wants it all now. We have work, we have family, time is extremely important to us, we don’t want to waste time travelling to the gym or looking for a parking space or having to deal with overcrowded gyms. By training at home you cut out all of this baggage. Your trainer arrives to your home at the allotted time you get your workout done and then off they go and you’re done. It also allows you to be flexible, you can schedule your training at home to fit around your commitments, you can train before you go to work in the morning or after you have returned from work, maybe even the weekends, this means you have more time to spend with your family and do the things you really want to do which makes you a much happier person.

2. Equipment
This is why boxing is great to learn at home, you don’t need much to learn, all you need is a pair of hand wraps and gloves and you’re ready to go. You also do not need much space and yet you can still get in a full body and high intensity work out, very little compares to the calories burned whilst boxing, it provides a work out for the whole body and works all of the major muscle groups and you get to learn a life skill which can improve not only your health but your confidence and self esteem too. It also means you don’t waste money buying equipment either you never end up using(except as a clothes rack) or you get bored of and do not use correctly.

3. Privacy
Let’s face it, gyms can be intimidating, whether it is a weight training gym or a boxing club. By training at home you can train in privacy and not have to worry about others in the gym. If you happen to be a beginner with aspirations of joining a club then learning to box at home will give you the skills and confidence to feel at home whenever you do decide to step foot into a boxing club. But not everyone wants to train in a gym, by having a personal trainer come to your home, you never have to step foot in a gym and still gain all the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

4. No Excuses
When you have a trainer coming to your home you have no excuses not to train. This forces you to be accountable and complete your workouts. This has the added benefit of making you consistent and disciplined and when you are consistent this adds up over the weeks and the months and ensures you are making progress and reaching your fitness and health goals.

5. Fully Personalised
Having a personal trainer isn’t just about having a workout with them, a personal trainer will be able to guide you on many other topics such as nutrition and exercises you can do when you want to train on your own. They can help create a workout plan for you so you have more tools to quicker reach your goal and suggest the best way to go about achieving this. For example if you are a boxer then a personal trainer will be able to advise on a running program for you which helps you get into shape quicker and have you fitter for your boxing sessions. Each person is different and has different questions and different strengths and a personal trainer will be able to tailor the workout to suit your needs so you can fully reach your potential. Group classes can be great but what happens if you find it too difficult? Having a personal trainer means you can take the time to get up to speed and become the best you can be.

6. Motivation
We all have down days, we all have times where we are not feeling it and don’t want to exercise but by having a trainer come to your home means they can help keep you motivated and firmly on the path to success. This is also important because a trainer can help you get where you want to be by keeping you in the right mind set. Having the right mindset not only helps your training, but will improve all other aspects of your life both physically and mentally.

7. Stress
Life is hard and life is busy which means life is stressful. Very little is better at relieving stress than a good session punching the pads. By releasing the stress of the working day it gives you the energy to tackle the next day. Seriously, what’s better than throwing punches? And it is certainly more healthy to punch the pads than that annoying work colleague!

8. Finances
Sure personal training is a luxury but I’ve lost count of the number of the people I have trained who originally had a gym membership but never actually went to the gym. With home based training you will only be paying for the sessions you have and you will be getting value for your money instead of giving your money away freely to a gym you never end up training at.

So those are my top reasons for having a personal trainer at home so if you’re thinking of beating the weather, avoiding the traffic and saving time, maybe a mobile personal trainer will be the best decision for you.

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