What Boxing Shoes Should I Get?


What Boxing Shoes Should I Get

What Boxing Shoes Should I Get?

If you are looking at seriously taking up boxing, then boxing shoes are pretty much as important as the boxing gloves you wear and which boxing shoes should I buy becomes a question you start to think about. Boxing shoes are often an overlooked aspect of boxing equipment, probably because in a sport such as boxing where the focus is so much of throwing punches, everyone wants a fancy pair of gloves, but without a decent pair of boxing shoes you might possibly be hampering your performance. Poor footwear whether that is trainers or boxing shoes, can cause injury to the legs, ankles or knees when sparring or fighting – I have seen this happening so make sure you get yourself a good pair of boxing shoes to prevent injury in the ring.

So much of being a good boxer involves having good footwork, so it makes sense to have good footwear. Good footwork will involve using the pivot and changing up the angles and having the correct footwear will make this easier for you and allow you to move much more efficiently and much quicker. Boxing shoes have a thinner sole than trainers whilst also having a better grip. They are also better designed to grip to the ring canvas. Good boxing shoes are lighter and make you feel you are moving quicker around the ring, the lightweight materials used mean you can change direction quicker and if you happen to be a switch hitter, allow you to change in and out of stance easier.
The grip is also better for handling conditions inside the ring not just the canvas, boxers will often sweat which can drip onto the floor but boxing shoes will remain firm when moving around the ring and prevent any slippage if moving over any areas of sweat on the floor.

There are different versions of boxing shoes, low top, mid top or high top, all offer varying levels of support, with the high top looking almost like a lightweight boot and providing the most protection. I tend to go for mid top as it also protects the ankle providing enough support, especially for someone like me who has suffered ankle injuries in the past so it is good not to have to subconsciously worry about rolling my ankle when sparring.

A good pair of shoes will make a great addition to your boxing training so let’s have a look at what boxing shoes you should buy?


Lonsdale Mens Contender Boxing Boots

Although this is the cheaper option, they are not a bad buy and are a pair I have frequently used. Available in black/white or blue/white they are a solid pair of boxing shoes with a decent grip. Not quite as light and compact as the more expensive boots but for a first choice they will do the job.




Adidas KO Legend Boxing Shoes

I bought a pair of these boxing shoes for my son who is an amateur boxer and they really are a terrific pair of boxing boots. The shoes are lightweight and really fit tightly around your foot(you don’t want to be wearing boxing shoes and have room free). The grip is excellent, the whole shoe is made of high quality material and has the look and feel to match its high quality. You cannot go wrong buying these shoes, I was recommended these by a friend and I have gone on to not only purchase a pair but also recommend these to some of the guys I train and they all have only positive things to say about these boxing shoes.


Adidas Pretero Boxing Shoes

Now whilst I don’t have any personal experience wearing these shoes, they were worn by professionals in one of the gyms I have trained at in the past, if a successful boxer uses these boxing shoes for his training, then you know they are a quality item and worth investing in. A great looking pair of shoes too just for added bonus.



Everlast Lockdown Hi-top Boxing Shoes

Here’s what a high top or hi-top boxing shoe looks like. As you can see it provides great all round support and uses top quality materials to prevent slipping and provide you with the proper traction to enhance your footwork. Everlast are one of the most popular boxing equipment manufacturers so they make a good choice for your needs.



Everlast Mens Boxing Shoes

Sticking with the Everlast brand here as this is a pair of shoes I have had experience with. Again, like the Lonsdale Contender boots, this makes a good choice if you have a smaller budget you’d like to stick to. Like the Lonsdale boot though, they are not as lightweight and durable as the more expensive boxing shoes but of course that is to be expected. I found the sole of these just a little thicker than the others so do watch for tell tale signs for when the boot is wearing and the sole is getting thinner. Still a good purchase if you aren’t looking to spend much on boxing shoes.


So there are a few boxing shoes to ponder over which has hopefully made your decision easier, all I would add is that when buying your boxing boots, go with a trusted brand. All of the above are trusted brands such as Lonsdale, Everlast and Adidas so you know what you’re getting when you purchase their equipment.

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