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Danny Lopez – The Knockout

danny lopez

Danny ‘Little Red’ Lopez was a Featherweight champion who was known for his punching power. An all out exciting fighter he was a favourite of the TV networks too and in this video I take a look at how at opponents strength can be turned into their downfall. Lopez and Arturo Gatti were quite similar […]

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Mike Tyson – Drawing the Lead

Mike Tyson drawing the lead

Iron Mike – Brains as well as Brawn When you think of the baddest man on the planet you think knockouts and intimidation – but Iron Mike Tyson wasn’t just a ferocious puncher…at 5’10 in the heavyweight division and literally always coming up against taller and bigger opponents, Tyson had to have a few tricks […]

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George Benton – Rear Hand Placement

George Benton Philly Shell

Philly Shell Hand Positioning Floyd Mayweather Jr made the shoulder roll popular, this guard has been used for over a century in boxing but it was really Mayweather Jr who popularised it and suddenly everyone wanted to use the shoulder roll or its most popular variation, the Philly shell. With the lead hand low position, […]

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Terry Norris – Clearing the Way

Terry Norris

Old School Boxing Tricks – Hand Trapping Occasionally we see a move in boxing make a resurgence and people begin to think it is a new trick, something which has never been done before but there really isn’t anything new in boxing and this move shown in the video below is the same…. Vasyl Lomachenko […]

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Rocky Marciano – Step in

Rocky Marciano

In the video below I take a look at one of the methods Rocky Marciano used to close the gap against his opponents. With a 68in reach, Marciano has the shortest reach of any heavyweight champion in history, so closing the gap against often taller opponents with a longer reach was imperative to Marciano’s success […]

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How to use the Shoulder Roll if you are Southpaw

How to use the Shoulder Roll if you are Southpaw

The Shoulder Roll Southpaw Style – Pernell Whitaker In this article I am going to take a look at how you would use the shoulder roll if you happen to be a southpaw boxer. Pretty much all the examples we see of shoulder roll experts in the professional game are right handed orthodox boxers – […]

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Tony Zale – The Feint

Tony Zale

Tony Zale was a former Middleweight champion in the 1940’s, a decade I consider to be the greatest in boxing history. Zale was nicknamed the man of steel, not just because he hailed from Gary, Indiana – a steel town but also for his ability to take an enormous amount of punishment and still carry […]

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Oscar De La Hoya – Tempo

Oscar De La Hoya

Oscar De La Hoya was nicknamed the Golden Boy and in my opinion something which really stands out about him the most is his resume. De La Hoya fought a host of big names and for that reason he deserves a lot of credit for fighting up through the divisions and taking on many of […]

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George Foreman – Controlling an Opponent

George Foreman

George Foreman was one of the very best the heavyweight division has ever seen. A champion in the greatest heavyweight decade of the 1970’s he was good enough to come back a decade later and then become champion again in the 1990’s(another very strong era of heavyweight boxing) well into his 40’s. Big George may […]

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Jimmy Carter Lead Arm Defence

Jimmy Carter

Old School Boxing Defence Jimmy Carter was a three time lightweight champion in the 1950’s and is one of those fighters you watch and immediately think of the old school style which a handful of boxers in recent times use styles and tricks similar to what Carter possessed. From watching Jimmy Carter fight you would […]

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