How to Counter the Right hand by Archie Moore

Archie Moore

Defending the Right Hand Archie Moore was one of the all time great boxers who would have his share of fans labelling him as the greatest light heavyweight boxer in history. He also holds the record of the most number of knockouts – over 130 to his name! So you know when you hear the […]

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How Boxing Helps Mental Health

How Boxing Helps Mental Health

Why Boxing is Good for Mental Health It is well known that exercise is a great choice when it comes to battling mental health and other related issues such as self esteem and confidence. The endorphins released always help to make things better and as the old saying goes, a healthy body leads to a […]

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Countering the Jab by Roberto Duran

countering the jab by roberto duran

How Roberto Duran countered the Jab Countering the jab is an extremely important aspect of your boxing, why? Because the jab is the most commonly thrown punch so you have to develop some form of defence and counter attack to this punch, if you don’t you are in for a long night and a very […]

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How to Train Out the Flinch Reflex

flinch reflex

Slow Sparring For the Flinch Reflex The flinch reflex can be one of the hardest aspects for the fighter new to boxing to overcome. If you suffer from the flinch reflex it makes sparring very difficult for you. This is because if you are flinching, it causes you to look away or quickly shut your […]

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Terence Crawford vs Amir Khan

terence crawford vs amir khan

Fight Preview – Khan v Crawford Saturday night, 20th April sees the WBO welterweight champion Terence Crawford take on Amir Khan in the iconic Madison Square Garden in the USA. Khan has come out and talked about his legacy, how this fight would become his defining fight and top everything he has done inside the […]

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How to Fight A Southpaw – The Slip and Pivot

Vasyl Lomachenko vs Luke Campbell Prediction

Use This Move Against Southpaws! As an orthodox fighter it is always tricky coming up against a southpaw(left hander) because most people are right handed so naturally the majority of people you will fight against will also be orthodox fighters, that always gives the southpaw an advantage as it takes time to adjust to the […]

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7 Ways To Throw Your Jab

There’s More Than 1 Way to Throw the Jab In the video below I look at seven ways you can throw the jab. The jab is an extremely versatile weapon in your boxing tool box, no other punch is as versatile and no other punch is thrown as often as the jab. The jab can […]

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Boxing Footwork – Using The Pivot

boxing pivot

Combining Head Movement with the Pivot The pivot is almost seen as an advanced skill in boxing but the reality is it shouldn’t be viewed as such – it should be something you are using regularly and incorporating into your training and sparring. In this video we demonstrate adding the pivot to a movement of […]

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2 Gut Busting Punch Bag Workouts to Melt Away Your Fat

punch bag workouts

Strip Your Fat With These Punch Bag Workouts The punch bag is a versatile piece of equipment that has been the staple of training routines for great boxers over the years, here are two routines you can use on the bag to start punching away at that fat and burning through those calories. The Fast […]

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Errol Spence Jr vs Mikey Garcia Prediction

Errol Spence Jr vs Mikey Garcia Preview   Mikey Garcia attempts to do what many have dared but failed to do tonight when he faces Errol Spence Jr in a welterweight clash in Texas. Not only has no one beaten the currently undefeated welterweight champion, but few men in history have managed the weight jump […]

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