Ezzard Charles – Smother and Shoot

countering the jab ezzard charles

Countering the Jab Ezzard Charles was one of the greatest we have ever seen step foot in the ring, earlier in the week on the 7th July it was the birth anniversary of Charles and he is someone I have written about previously in numerous other articles. In this article I will have a look […]

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Hardest Punchers in Boxing History – Ten More of the Best

boxings best punchers

Boxings Best Punchers It’s been a couple of years since I wrote part I of the Hardest Punchers in Boxing History – Twelve of the Best so finally I decided to delve into the history books and look at ten more ferocious punchers who could have rightly been included in my first list. I will […]

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Old School Boxing – The Pin

old school boxing

The Forearm Pin There is always the question of the Old School vs the New School, each generation believes they are better and more advanced than the one that came before them. In many sports this may be true and in many sports it is true up to a certain point – such as Boxing. […]

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Benny Leonard vs The Southpaw

benny leonard

How to Fight a Southpaw There are countless of articles out there on how an orthodox fighter can box against a southpaw, including some I have written myself but what I wanted to see was how the old school pros handled a left handed fighter. There is a tendency to forget about many of the […]

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Top Five Underrated Boxing Champions

Top Five Underrated Boxing Champions

Five World Champions We Should Appreciate More You would think becoming a world champion in a sport as big as Boxing would give you a certain level of status your skills deserve, especially if you reigned as a champion for some time or perhaps even retired undefeated. Yet there are times real champions are not […]

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Larry Holmes and the Stiff Arm

stiff arm

How to use the Stiff Arm The Stiff Arm is something I have discussed before on this site when looking at several of the tactics used by Kronk Gym fighters, most noticeably Thomas Hearns. The Hitman was one of the best ever and used his height and reach to take full advantage of the stiff […]

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Henry Armstrong – Three Skills

Henry Armstrong

Henry Armstrong vs Barney Ross Henry Armstrong was one of the fighters I wrote about in my book Forgotten Legends of the Ring. When you look at his career and his achievements it is astonishing that more people in the sport of boxing do not know much about Armstrong. Armstrong achieved feats which will never […]

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Marvin Hagler vs Roberto Duran – The Adjustment

Marvin Hagler vs Roberto Duran

How Marvin Hagler Adjusted to Roberto Duran’s Right Cross Counter In 1983 the Boxing world saw a Super Bout between Middleweight Champion Marvin Hagler and another of the Fab Four and fellow great fighter, Roberto Duran. Now Duran as we know initially ruled the roost as a Lightweight and is arguably the greatest we have […]

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Roy Jones Jr – How to Beat the Philly Shell or Shoulder Roll

how to beat the philly shell

How to Beat the Philly Shell or Shoulder Roll James Toney is one of my favourite boxers, when it comes to fighters I would recommend any young fighter to study, Toney is arguably the one I would most recommend. Toney was a great boxer, using the shoulder roll few if any were better at fighting […]

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George Benton – How to Counter the Jab

George Benton

48 Ways to Counter the Jab George Benton once famously quipped he had 48 ways to counter the jab. Now George Benton was a masterful boxer and studied the sport both when he was boxing and when he was a coach – at which he would become a hall of fame boxing trainer. Benton’s biggest […]

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