Emrah Cow Hide Leather Boxing Gloves

If you have seen my Boxing videos, you will have noticed the Boxing Gloves I am using, they are the Emrah Cow Hide Leather Boxing Gloves and I have had them around 6 months and so far so good. I use the blue/black variety for sparring so they weigh 16oz. They have held up well on the pads, even the pads which are a little harder and cause a little more wear and tear to Gloves, at the moment they still look in good condition, which is evident in the videos too. They are comfortable yet feel quite solid on your hands, for the price I paid, which was £33 I am pretty happy with my choice. They are also a good looking pair of gloves which lets face it, seems to be the reason most people buy their gloves. If you are looking for a pair of gloves to do the job for your training and some sparring, I would definitely recommend the 16oz variety of Emrah. I would have chosen the burgundy and black but they weren’t in stock, however blue and black does look good. Wrist support is nothing out of the ordinary, strap is well made though. If you are looking for gloves which provide added protection to the wrist and knuckle area, I would recommend the Everlast Gloves which you can find by clicking on the link HERE


  • High level Shock absorption designed
  • Made with Full grain cow hide manufactured
  • Adjustable wraparound wrist strap closing system
  • E-Cool Technology to keep the hands cool and dry
  • IMT three layered padding for the unbeatable impact resistance



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