The Power Squat

The Power Squat is a contested power lift and one of the main all-round strength and power builders. The Power Squat develops the quadriceps and posterior chain as well as additional areas of the body including the abdominals.

This variation of the Squat is the one I prefer to do, I find it much easier on the joints and you can lift more weight with the Power Squat, probably because of the shorter range of motion and what feels like a more sturdier base as there is more emphasis on the hip joints and less on the knees.

  • To commence this movement stand in an upright position with your feet shoulder width apart. Personally, I like to place my feet a little wider than shoulder width.
  • Ensure that you have a firm base and keep your knees slightly bent, maintain a tight core with your weight on your heels.
  • Walk into the power cage, rack or squat stands and hold the bar with a firm grip and place it high on your lower trapezius with your hands placed wider than a conventional back squat grip.
  • Walk out of the stands taking two slow steps backwards and re-affirm your base. Ensure that the weight is on your heels and your knees are slightly bent.
  • Make sure that your head is up and your chest is pushed out with a slight arch in your back.
  • To commence the movement, descend under control until you reach just below parallel.
  • Ensure that you go only as low as your flexibility permits with your back rounding and you don’t lean forward.
  • Once in the bottom position, drive upwards aggressively using your quadriceps and gluteals.
  • Keep your core tight and ensure your back remains in a slightly arched position.
  • Once in the top position, take a breath and then repeat again.
  • Perform 5 repetitions for 3-5 sets and continue to practice this movement to perfect your technique.



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