How To Counter The Right Cross


In this video we go over four counters to the right cross. The majority of the Boxers you will come across will be orthodox fighters, so they will be right handed which means the right cross will generally be their power punch. If you can learn to effectively defend and counter their power punch, you will give yourself a big advantage over them. Here, we show you how…

Number 1 is countering the right cross with your own right cross. We use a shoulder roll here to defend the right cross which allows us to then return fire with our right hand. We do not use the ‘philly shell’ shoulder roll made popular by Floyd Mayweather Jnr, but a conventional gloves nice and high guard.

The second counter again uses the shoulder roll, but this time coming back with your rear hand uppercut. This can aimed either at the solar plexus or the opponents chin.

Thirdly we are slipping to the inside of the cross and then throwing a left hook or left shovel hook to the opponents body. It is quite difficult to slip an opponents lead right cross, simply because we generally do not expect our opponent to lead with the right, for this reason I recommend only using the inside slip if you are already into a rhythm and slipping the jab to the outside so you can much easier then slip inside the right cross.

Lastly, we are rolling under the cross and coming back up with a left hook to the body again. Take a look at the video below to see how it is done.


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