Rival RS2V-Pro Red Sparring Boxing Gloves Review



Rival RS2V-Pro Red Sparring Boxing Gloves Review

These are a pair of gloves used by a client of mine so I have first hand experience of what these Rival Boxing gloves are like. The pair used by my client are 16oz and are great quality. I like the Velcro strap along the wrist which ensures a good fit and the 16oz Rival boxing gloves are a great option for sparring. They have a quality look to them and they aren’t like some gloves which are 16oz but the weight distribution is all wrong which means either they hurt your opponent more when the punch lands or they just look like a pair of big gloves, feel too heavy and don’t do anything when a punch lands. These fit well onto the hand and having been punched in the face by these gloves I can assure you they are good! It might sound surprising to some but you can often tell the quality of a glove when you get punched by someone wearing a pair of them 😀

Whether you are using these for sparring or for general boxing training, the Rival RS2V Boxing gloves are a solid buy. I am always going to say this – but they are a great looking pair of gloves and I always mention this because lets be honest, if your gloves look good it helps you focus better, you know the old saying, if I look good I play good…having a nice pair of gloves which are great quality AND great looking does put you mentally in a better place, if you’re going to be spending good money on gloves then looks are important too. They also come in an equally impressive blue colour.

  • 1.0 mm Full Grain All-Leather Construction
  • Rival’sErgo Xtrem StrapSystem
  • 15° Angled Strap at Wrist for Anatomical Fit
  • UniqueConic Designand Snug Fitting Long Cuff for Optimal Wrist Support
  • Over 40 mm (1,75 mm) of Layered Foam Padding

Rival are becoming an increasingly popular brand in boxing thanks in no small part to one of the top fighters in the game today, Vasyl Lomachenko.


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