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Boxing styles

When you hear about styles making fights, you ought to listen to them but does it really and what style is the best? Or even what styles are there? There are plenty of boxing styles and stances:


This stance is mainly used if you are right handed, it consists of you basically just fighting with your left foot forward, your back foot behind and the left hand is your lead hand used to jab, a very famous orthodox was Muhammad Ali(RIP).


This stance is mainly used by left handers who have their right foot in front of their left foot which makes it extremely difficult for novice orthodox fighters to get to them, a famous southpaw is Marvin Hagler.


These guys just ignore the logic of boxing and are simply fine with any stance, a famous unorthodox fighter was Naseem Hamed.

So what styles are there? well the first one I’m going to talk about is the counter puncher, these fighters thrive off your mistakes and are constantly looking for opportunities to make you miss and then make you pay for it, you throw a jab and their mind is thinking ‘why not duck under it and counter with a right cross to the ribs or parry it and counter it with your own!’ Always move when you throw a punch because these guys are not going to let you escape without unleashing their pain, a perfect example of this style is Floyd Mayweather jnr.

Next is the slugger. They break all the rules of boxing don’t they when the game of boxing is to hit and not to be hit. It’s crazy that these guys are flat footed and are willing to just trade shots with you, usually these guys are hard hitters and they take a punch to deliver a punch, I think we all know George Foreman was a perfectionist at this style.

The swarmer, can’t handle pressure? Then stay away from these guys as that is the main part of their style, to constantly add pressure, they will take 3 punches just to deliver one and are damn willing to fight and stay in the inside, they will not leave you alone that’s for sure, a fighter that echoed this style was an amazing mexican legend Julio Cesar Chavez.

The outboxer, quick on their feet and will usually wear you down these fighters are the definition of boxing, as well as a counter puncher and usually will stay on the outside of their opponents(keeping a gap) they mostly rely on their jabs and straight rights. An under rated fighter perfected this style, Heavyweight Champ Larry Holmes.

The boxer puncher holds the many qualities of a out boxer but are willing to hold the style of a swarmer as well. These fighters lack the mobility and defensive expertise, a fighter known with this style is Roy Jones jnr.

So which style is the best, i’m leaving it with this…its rock,paper, scissors!

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