Chris Eubank Jr


Chris Eubank Jr

Christopher Livingstone Eubank Jr, or known as Chris the ‘next gen’ is Britain’s number one middleweight according to boxrec and number 3 in the world, the fighter has had his share of fame…and controversy sharing the limelight with his father, legendary boxer Chris Eubank Snr. The fighter certainly has had a lucrative career and at 27 years old he still has many more fights to come, let’s take a look at some and open up a brief description about him.

Christopher Eubank was born in Hove in East Sussex, England on the 18th september in 1989, you may have seen him feature on at home with the Eubanks,the reality show. As a child he wanted to box but his old man never let him until Chris Eubank Sr just thought why not, his decision proved to be a success. Chris, like his father was a bit of a troublemaker as a teen and one of his street fights can be seen on youtube. At age 16, Chris and his brother Harlem moved to the USA to live with a guardian to increase the potential in Chris of becoming a boxer as his amateur record proved he could be something special with a stunning record of 24-2, he was also Golden Glove champion in only his sixth fight and again at his eighth fight!

Nonetheless he turned pro and kick started it with TKO of Kirilas Psonko in the 4th round. The boxing world gave him recognition of course as he was the son of a legendary fighter, they could see Chris took after his dad although their styles were very different, Chris Snr was a cobra ready to pounce on you after you’ve made a mistake, Chris jr is like a pitbull just coming in with the mentality of kill or be killed but both were powerful fighters.

His first notable opponent was Billy Joe Saunders the WBO middlweight champion, he lost a split decision but many believe this was due to nervousness and stage fright as he had never performed in front of so many people, the first 7 round belonged to Saunders but the last rounds were Eubanks, desperately trying to score for the KO in the last round, he failed but has so far been his only loss.

He won the WBA interim title against Dmitry Chudinov but his fight against against Gary O’Sullivan caught everyones eye as Gary or otherwise known as ‘spike’ attempted to kiss him,bad idea, spike received a beating against Eubank until retiring on his stool in the 7th round.

His next fight was a very interesting and lucrative fight against Nick Blackwell, Nick took a beating for 10 rounds also but many argued it should’ve been stopped earlier, his father had instructed Chris not to hit Nick in the head, eventually the fight was stopped but Nick fell into a coma and thankfully woke up, a bit of a ruckus happened between the two but hopefully everything’s fine now but during the fight Chris would taunt rival boxer Billy Joe Saunders. His next fight was against Tom Duran, a fight he won in round 4 by knockout.

Chris Jr started to call out middleweight champion ‘GGG’ for a fight which was close to happen until everyone agreed that Chris’s father Chris Eubank Snr was impossible to work with thus preventing the fight from happening and a transition to Kell Brook vs Gennady Golovkin, the boxing world was infuriated with Christophers antics and subjected there opinions online which is why he attracts a bit of controversy.

He still has plenty more of his career to come and to follow up daily on his life, add him on snapchat chriseubankjr.

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