Renegade Rows


Renegade Rows is a multi purpose multi joint two in one functional exercise that requires stabilization of the core, it is a two arm kettlebell row in a press up position and a rowing variation which on top of working the core, develops the latissimus dorsi, bicep and forearms, recruiting multiple muscle groups the way an athlete would in the real world and not isolating one muscle at a time making this a great exercise for a strength and conditioning routine. The exercise demands fine balance and eliminates the ability to use excessive momentum or low back thrusting commonly seen in rowing movements. On top of the muscles mentioned above, the push up portion of the movement works the chest, triceps and front deltoids, combine this with working the core when in the planche position it really is a great all round body movement. Try these for a great change up to your normal routine! Here’s how to do them. (I would recommend you start off with a light weight)

To commence this movement, start by getting into a press up position with a kettlebell in either hand

Keep your head up and back in a neutral position
Begin the movement by picking up the kettlebell in your left hand and pulling it up towards the core, by contracting your latissimus dorsi, biceps, forearms and core
Once at the top position, slowly lower under control to the start position
Repeat the motion again with the opposite hand
When performing this movement try to consciously retract the scapula’s to ensure that you are engaging the correct muscles
Perform 8-10 reps for 3 sets and continue to practice this movement to perfect your technique


renegade rows

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renegade rows

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