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Deception by Sugar Ray

boxing feint

All Warfare is based on Deception These were the famous words uttered by Sun Tzu and it is true for the sport of boxing as well. The better you become, the better the level of your opponent. This means you need to delve deeper into your bag of skills and tricks to be effective. Deception […]

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Thomas Hearns – The Slip and Counter

the slip and counter

More Skills from the Hitman Thomas Hearns was one quarter of the four kings and one of the most exciting and biggest names in boxing. Especially so during the 80’s when the likes of Hearns, Hagler, Leonard and Duran were all fighting each other. Hearns may have been known more for his jab and knock […]

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Joe Calzaghe – Take Away

joe calzaghe

How Calzaghe defended the left hook of Jeff Lacy In 2006 Joe Calzaghe fought Jeff Lacy – both were undefeated Super Middleweight champions. Calzaghe was the more established fighter who had already made double digit defences of his titles and whilst Lacy was also a champion and lesser experience, it was Lacy who was seen […]

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Marvin Hagler – Taking away the Legs

marvin hagler taking away the legs

Slowing Down Your Opponent We’ve all heard the expression of slowing down your opponent or breaking down your opponent and the big key in doing this is by attacking the body. Some may have heard of the expression of taking away the legs of the opponent and how is this different to a sustained attack […]

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Floyd Mayweather Jr – The Adjustment

How to fight a southpaw

How to Fight a Southpaw I’ve said this before but all professional boxers have good ring iq, what sets apart the greats though is that they think just that little bit quicker than the rest and they process information a little faster than the opposition. When it comes to ring IQ I find it hard […]

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Larry Holmes and the Jab

Larry Holmes Jab

The Greatest Jab of All Time? Happy Birthday to Larry Holmes who was born On this day in 1949 in Cuthbert, Georgia. Holmes is in my opinion one of the five greatest heavyweights we have ever seen, unfortunately being sandwiched amongst the two most famous boxers in history(Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson) means that he […]

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Paul Spadafora – Southpaw Style

paul spadafora

Tricks of the Pittsburgh Kid Back in the day Pittsburgh used to be a hot bed of Boxing talent – Harry Greb, Billy Conn, Fritzie Zivic, Charley Burley were all great fighters and adding to the list of hot talent was the Southpaw Lightweight champion Paul Spadafora. Spadafora worked with one of the greatest boxers […]

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Bernard Hopkins – Taking away the Jab

Bernard Hopkins taking away the jab

Bernard Hopkins vs Winky Wright When Bernard Hopkins fought against Winky Wright, the one thing Hopkins had to do was try and take away the jab because Wright was a very efficient fighter – fighting out of the high guard and covering up, Wright could creep up on you and just pick you off all […]

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Muhammad Ali vs The Shoulder Roll

shoulder roll

Muhammad Ali vs Bob Foster I’ve written about both boxers extensively on my website, Foster was one of the fighters I included in my book Forgotten Legends of the Ring and Ali is, well Ali is Ali – and I have written about their fight but in this article, as I am always intrigued by […]

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Wilfredo Vasquez – Handling Angles of Orlando Canizales

wilfredo vasquez orlando canizales

Solving the Puzzle of the Lomachenko and Usyk like footwork of Canizales With the fight last weekend between Anthony Joshua and Oleksandr Uysk, I wanted to see how fighters in the past handled an opponent who was Lomachenko before Lomachenko. That of course was Orlando Canizales who possessed amazing footwork very similar to the likes […]

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