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When The Bubble Bursts – 5 Boxers Who Never Recovered From Defeat

boxing hype jobs

Boxers who were never the same after their first loss….   A fighter will inevitably experience defeat, whether that is in the amateur ranks or the pro ranks, a win can be the highest of the highs but a loss can equally be the lowest of the lows. In a one man sport such as […]

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A New Breed of Fighter?

A New Breed of Fighter Vasyl Lomachenko and Mikey Garcia

Vasyl Lomachenko and Mikey Garcia Lead the way back to the old times…   If you didn’t already think the Ukrainian Vasyl Lomachenko was pound for pound the worlds best boxer, then on May 12th 2018 when ‘Hi-Tech’ faced off against the much bigger Jorge Linares, the reigning WBA Lightweight champion who was riding a […]

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Forgotten Legends of the Ring – Remembering Barney Ross

forgotten legends of the ring barney ross

Remembering Barney Ross   This article first appeared as part of my weekly column on the RingsideReport So 17th January marks the birthday of the most recognisable boxer the sport has seen, Muhammad Ali. But what hasn’t been said about the man who called himself ‘The Greatest’? Never mind boxing, Ali is the most recognisable […]

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Boxing – Which Weight Class Am I?

what weight class am I?

What’s My Boxing Weight Class? Here is a simple breakdown of what boxing weight class you fall into. The table is broken down in to weight in pounds, stones and Kilograms so as long as you know your weight in any metric, you should be able to see which weight class you fall into. The […]

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Boxings Best Finishers – Who are they?

boxings best finishers

The Killer Instinct – Boxings Best Finishers What is the killer instinct? It is the ability to finish your opponent hurt when you see you have broken their defence and they are hurting, it is a split second decision in which you decide the reward is greater than the risk, when you decide you will […]

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It’s in the Blood….Or is it?

Can Conor Benn and Chris Eubank Jr live up to the talents of their fathers?

Can The Son Outshine The Father? That old chestnut, the fighting DNA. If you happen to have a father or uncle who was a fighter, then well congratulations! You’ve got that fighting DNA….or do you? When it comes to boxing, there are countless success stories of related boxers, we don’t have to look back very […]

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The Fall of Sergey Kovalev

the fall of sergey kovalev

What Now For The Krusher Kovalev? It didn’t seem long ago that Sergey Kovalev, the man referred to as the ‘Krusher’ was considered the most dangerous man in the world in the light heavyweight division crushing everyone of his opponents who dared stand up to him in the ring, and there were some shouting that […]

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Sting Leather Boxing Gloves Review

sting boxing gloves review

Sting Leather Boxing Gloves   The Sting Boxing gloves are a relatively new name in boxing. I certainly had not heard of them when one of my guys came to our session with a fancy looking pair of gloves with Sting emblazoned across them which looked like something out of a Spiderman movie(warning – these […]

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Tyson Fury v Deontay Wilder Set For This Year?

Tyson Fury set to take on Deontay Wilder From under the nose of Eddie Hearn and Anthony Joshua, Tyson Fury has walked all over the potential mega bout between Wilder and Joshua by signalling his intentions to battle Deontay Wilder later this year. Whilst the world waited….and waited for AJ and Wilder to get a […]

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Four Tips To Help You Avoid The Knockout – Never Get Knocked Out Again!

How to Prevent Getting Knocked Out! You know the old saying, if you walk into a shower you are going to get wet, if you walk into the ring, you are going to get hit. Whilst that may be true, what we don’t want is to get knocked the hell out! Some people say you […]

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