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Muhammad Ali v Mike Tyson – Who Wins?

Boxing is a sport which has created superstars, if there is any sport which can claim to have created ‘Superman’ or ‘Supermen’, it is Boxing, and more specifically, the heavyweights. In 1978 DC Comics released a comic in which Heavyweight Champion Muhammad Ali took on Superman, unsurprisingly titled as Muhammad Ali vs Superman, original I […]

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Can You Lose Weight In 30 mins Per Day?

Yes! 30mins of exercise is plenty, of course there are several factors, how intense is your work out? Are you making healthy food choices? I’m not saying your diet has to be squeaky clean but if you are grabbing the pringles after a work out you are limiting the amount of weight you can lose. […]

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Goals – Why You Must Have Them

As 2016 comes to an end, another year passing far too quickly as we ask where is time going and we approach the start of yet another new year, before we start asking the same questions at the end of next year, now is as good a time as any other to discuss the importance […]

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Boxings Pound for Pound Rankings

Pound for Pound Rankings – Who’s the best of 2016? With the year coming down to an end and 2017 just around the corner, now is a good time to give my view on who I believe are currently the cream of Boxing’s crop. There are some ‘big’ fights still remaining in the year, but […]

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Self Defense and Confidence – Why Everyone Should Learn

Self Defense and Confidence When you think of someone who was very confident – who do you think of? If I was to ask you to think of a famous personality, past or present who you believed represented confidence, I am willing to bet one name would surely cross your mind, the man who proclaimed […]

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Boxing With The Stars – Celebrity Charity Event

Thursday 6th October was the night of Boxing with the stars, a celebrity charity boxing event in aid of Parkinson’s sufferers, injured boxers and after the untimely death of a Boxer, proceeds from the auction were for Iron Mike Towell who sadly lost his life just a week before the event on September 30th. The […]

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Boxing For Fitness – Sample Workout

Here is a sample basic workout for Boxing fitness based upon the Team Hatton training model. The workout will consist of 5×3 minute rounds with a minute’s rest in between which means you should be able to perform the workout within 20mins. The workouts are best performed in pairs, one holding the pads and the […]

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Two Great Exercises To Lose Weight – Fast!

Two Great Exercises to Lose Weight – Fast! Everyone wants to lose weight, especially during this time of year – the summer holidays. It is very easy to add weight on, but very hard to lose an appreciable amount of weight. In today’s age everyone wants things done quickly, if there is a shortcut out […]

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History’s Greatest Athletes

Vasyl Lomachenko vs Luke Campbell Prediction

The Greatest Athletes Of All Time History is littered with great athletes from so many different sports, but every once in a while we are blessed to see a true legendary athlete grace the game, someone who is so good and athletically gifted that people who have no interest in the sport will still be […]

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The Answer To All Of Your Problems

The Answer To All Of Your Problems Call me biased, as someone who teaches Boxing, I’m going to say Boxing is the answer to your problems, but before I carry on and explain why, I will also add Boxing isn’t the answer to your problems….in fact I believe any combat sport such as MMA, Muay […]

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