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How To Counter The Right Cross

In this video we go over four counters to the right cross. The majority of the Boxers you will come across will be orthodox fighters, so they will be right handed which means the right cross will generally be their power punch. If you can learn to effectively defend and counter their power punch, you […]

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How To Defend And Counter The Double Jab

In this video we go over how to defend and counter the double jab. The double jab is a very effective punch and it often will catch out your opponent as the jab is a punch which can be used in various ways so it is very hard to predict what is coming. To defend […]

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How To Punch Harder – The Right Cross

The cross will be one of your harder punches, because it will be your dominant hand, if you are an orthodox fighter, the right cross is your strong hand and if you are a southpaw, it will be the left cross. Use the tips in the video below to increase your punching power. Just like […]

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How To Throw The Lead Left Hook

How To Throw The Lead Left Hook The lead left hook is a great punch to have in your arsenal. In this video we go over the lead left hook and how to set it up. You must set up the lead left hook by throwing a right hand feint, so get yourself in position […]

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How To Throw The Double Jab Feint

How To Throw The Double Jab Feint In Boxing, if you cannot feint, you will be unlikely to land many shots on your opponent. Without feinting you will become predictable, you must use various feints to set up and trap your opponent. In this video we look at the double jab feint.   Please follow […]

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How To Throw The Jab

In this video we take a look at how to throw the jab. There are many different types of jabs, such as the up jab or screw jab but here we will be looking at the most common type of jab. You must master the jab to be an effective Boxer, often referred to as […]

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