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The Skills of Joe Brown

joe brown

Joe Brown was a Lightweight Champion in the late 1950’s who fought 185 times over the course of his career. Avoided for a time he received a title shot 13yrs after becoming a pro and when he was in his 30’s. Having become champion he soon introduced the nickname ‘Old Bones’ in an effort to […]

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Marcos Maidana – Tricks of the Right Hand

Marcos Maidana

Breaking Rhythm Marcos Maidana was one of my favourite boxers when he was fighting, Maidana was a warrior who would always bring his all and he was involved in some terrific fights. My most favourite fight involving Maidana was the war with Victor Ortiz which is the fight which put Maidana on the map. Maidana […]

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What is the Best Boxing Stance?

what is the best boxing stance

Which Guard Should You Use? The first thing you learn as a boxer is your stance, you learn where to place your feet and where to place your hands. Now the style of your stance is often influenced by where you undergo your training, if you live in the UK for example and likely most […]

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The Finesse of Marvin Hagler

marvin hagler

Boxing Loses a Giant Marvin Hagler was one of Boxings most famous names, the one they called the Marvellous One died aged 66 five days ago on the 13th March. Hagler was one of the four kings in the 1980’s – a group of iconic boxers who all fought each other in a golden period […]

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Joe Louis – How to Take Away the Jab and Cross

Joe Louis how to defend the 1-2

Defending the 1-2 Joe Louis is rightly regarded as one of the greatest boxers of all time, some would say he is the greatest heavyweight of all time too whereas that can be debated, what isn’t up for debate is that Louis was technically one of the greatest boxers ever – the punching technique of […]

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Sonny Liston – The Old School Jab

Sonny Liston Jab

Changing the Trajectory of your Jab Sonny Liston was a fearless heavyweight champion, noted by many as still the scariest and most intimidating man in boxing history, Listons style all began with his battering ram of a jab. Aided by an amazing reach which was far longer than average for a man of his height, […]

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Floyd Mayweather vs The Philly Shell

floyd mayweather jr vs the philly shell

Happy Birthday Floyd Mayweather Jr So today Floyd Mayweather Jr celebrates his 44th birthday which means there isn’t a better time to write another post on the one they call Money Mayweather and the best of the 21st century… Floyd Mayweather Jr was most known for his excellent defensive abilities, some people call it the […]

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James Toney – The Pivot

James Toney

A Necessity for the Shoulder Roll James Toney has to be one of the most talented ‘boxers’ we have ever seen. Toney really was a throwback to the old school generation of boxers, he didn’t care who you were he didn’t even care how much you weighed – if you were good he wanted to […]

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Larry Holmes – Setting up the Uppercut

Larry Holmes

The Easton Assassin was one of the very best the heavyweight division has ever seen but the unfortunate luck of succeeding Muhammad Ali and preceding Mike Tyson meant that he is often not appreciated for how good he really was. I had Larry Holmes featured in two of my articles, the top five greatest heavyweights […]

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Ruben Olivares – How to Switch off an Opponent

Ruben Olivares

Ruben Olivares was one of Mexico’s greatest ever boxers – before the advent of Julio Cesar Chavez, many believed Olivares to be Mexico’s finest boxer and he was and still remains one of their most loved fighters. Olivares had a fantastic record of 89-13-3 and was a multi weight world champion. One of the nicknames […]

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