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Eddie Mustafa Muhammad – Breaking down an Opponent

eddie mustafa muhammad

Taking Away the Legs Eddie Mustafa Muhammad fought in a period which can be defined as the greatest era of Light Heavyweight Boxing. Alongside Mustafa there was Dwight Qawi, Matthew Saad Muhammad, John Conteh, Michael Spinks, Victor Galindez, Marvin Johnson and more – an extremely deep pool of talented fighters. In this article and ensuing […]

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Nicolino Locche – The Roll Step

Nicolino Locche Roll Step

The Roll Step to Avoid the Cross and Hook When it comes to rolling under the punches you hear a few different terms to describe the motion. Commonly we hear the bob and weave, another variation is the slide in which you come in under the punches such as the hook but there is also […]

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George Benton – Defending the Hook, Cross in the Philly Shell

george benton hook cross

The Professor at Work I have written about George Benton numerous times on my site so he needs no introduction except to say he was a master at using the Philly Shell style of defence. Now one of the issues I see when I come across fighters using the Philly Shell is how they defend […]

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Roy Jones Jr – Disguises

Roy Jones Jr

The Art of Deception There is a famous quote by Sun Tzu which reads ‘All war is based on deception.’ When it comes to high level boxing we see more and more that this is the case because your typical combinations are not going to break through the guard of a highly skilled boxer without […]

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Naseem Hamed – The Screw Shot

naseem hamed screw jab

During my life time three boxers really stand out when it comes to sheer excitement in the ring. When these guys stepped in to the ring you knew you were in for an entertaining night and rarely were they ever involved in a dull fight because they could take you out at any moment. Number […]

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Ezzard Charles – The Body Jab

ezzard charles the body jab

There’s Nothing New in Boxing The Cincinnati Cobra was one of the greatest boxers of all time, for me he is top ten all time and I included him in my article on the greatest boxers of all time. Charles was extensively studied by the likes of Boxing coach Bill Miller, who of course imparted […]

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Buddy McGirt – The Set Up

buddy mcgirt

Switching off an Opponent You may know Buddy McGirt better as one of the best boxing coaches in the world but let’s not forget McGirt was one of the best boxers in the world in the late 80’s and early 1990’s. A two weight world champion including the Lineal champion at Welterweight I have made […]

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Hector Camacho – Grease Lightning

Hector Camacho

The Feints of Macho Time Hector Camacho was one of the most flamboyant characters we have ever seen in Boxing and he was flamboyant both in and out of the ring with a larger than life personality – but he was also an outrageously talented boxer known most of all for his speed, the three […]

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Dwight Muhammad Qawi – The Body Jab

Dwight Muhammad Qawi

How to Jab a Taller Boxer The Camden Buzzsaw was a fan favourite in the late 1970’s through to the 90’s and serves as an inspirational story on overcoming the odds. I won’t go too deep into his background here but will mention a few key points. Qawi served time in prison, had no amateur […]

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Sandy Saddler – Rear Hand Tricks

Sandy Saddler

Old School Boxing Defence Sandy Saddler is considered one of the greatest Featherweight boxers of all time, some would even say he is the best ever but he is almost always mentioned in the top 2-3 alongside the man he fought four times – Willie Pep. Now Saddler was known for three things, firstly the […]

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