Thomas Hearns and the Jab Feint

jab feint

The Hitman Thomas Hearns is one of the most recognisable names in Boxing. Hearns was one of the famous Fab Four group of fighters who all competed against each other in the 1980’s – the others being Sugar Ray Leonard, Roberto Duran and Marvin Hagler. Another of Thomas Hearns nicknames was The Motor City Cobra […]

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Roberto Duran – Touch and Go

roberto duran touch and go

Roberto Duran was one of the greatest boxers of all time – I wouldn’t argue with anyone who wanted to put Duran in the top five ever, he was that good. In this article I take a quick look at one of his techniques which I call the touch and go. The fight featured here […]

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James Toney – Skills

james toney

The Lesser Known Skills of Lights Out James Toney James Toney is one of the finest all round boxers we have seen in recent times – Toney was especially a master of the shoulder roll and fighting inside the pocket. His extreme skill using the shoulder roll meant he could sit in the pocket and […]

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Sugar Ray Robinson – The Inside Slip

inside slip

Over the weekend I uploaded on to YouTube a video on Sugar Ray Robinson and the inside slip. Now by chance later in the night when Alexander Povetkin fought Dillian Whyte, the heavyweight pulled off a stunning move to end the fight. The move was the inside slip followed by the lead uppercut which knocked […]

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Sugar Ray Leonard – The Up Jab

up jab

When Sugar Met El Radar When Sugar Ray Leonard met the man with the Spidey Senses Wilfred Benitez in 1979 the two were both young but already great fighters. Benitez had made waves when he became the youngest world champion in history aged just 17 as he took the light welterweight crown and now still […]

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Archie Moore – The In Jab

archie moore in jab

  The jab is most commonly thrown punch in boxing and it can be used in so many different ways. It is not just about setting up an attack or finding your range, it can even be used as a form of defence and there are many ways to throw the jab – something I […]

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Earnie Shavers and the Right Hand Feint

earnie shavers

What comes to mind when you hear the name Earnie Shavers? Undoubtedly it will be his punching power and no surprises when I listed him in my article of hardest punchers in history. Infact I don’t believe there ever was a harder puncher than Shavers. It usually comes down to between Shavers and George Foreman […]

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Sugar Ray Robinson – Setting up the Right Hand

sugar ray robinson setting up the right hand

Sugar Ray Robinson was known for a lot of things in the boxing world, Robinson was an all round complete boxer who had every skill and trick in the book both offensively and defensively. Robinson really did not have any weaknesses in his game so it’s no surprise many are of the opinion he was […]

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Archie Moore – 1940

Archie Moore 1940

When the Old Mongoose was the Young Mongoose! Archie Moore is without doubt one of the finest boxers the sport has ever seen. Moore fought across a range of weight classes that spanned over four decades in the sport. A veteran of over 200 fights he is the only man to have fought heavyweight greats […]

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Pernell Whitaker and the Jab

pernell whitaker jab

How Pernell Whitaker Utilised the Jab So yesterday was one year since the passing of Sweet Pea Pernell Whitaker, one of the greatest boxers of all time and unquestionably one of the very best in my lifetime since I have been following boxing. I have made four short videos on Whitaker and its ironic that […]

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