Muhammad Ali – The Cross Counter

cross counter

When it comes to boxing, speed kills and when it comes to the heavyweights, there was no one with more speed than Muhammad Ali. Ali of course was known for his fast hands and quick feet and this enabled him to do a number of things by taking advantage of his speed, such as getting […]

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Ezzard Charles – Inside Fighting

Ezzard Charles Inside Fighting

Inside Fighting is in my opinion one of the lost arts of boxing, sure there are guys fighting today that are great at the inside game but it seems there has been a definite drop off when it comes to boxing on the inside when you compare that with previous eras. The video below looks […]

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Your Recovery as a Boxing Trainer

boxing trainer

As a Boxing Coach in Watford I spend a lot of my time training clients, if I am not in the gym training, whether that is pad work or sparring then I am out of gym and still working, that could going for a run or it could be updating social media and writing articles […]

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Top Five Heavyweights of All Time

top five heavyweights

Heavyweight boxing stands at the top of the boxing tree, the marquee division has often been the middleweight division, today it is the welterweight class but we all know the stronger the heavyweight division is, the stronger the sport of boxing is. The heavyweight champion will always have a head start as the face of […]

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Throwing the Double Hook

Throwing the double hook

The double hook is a very effective combination in boxing when used with other punches which set up the hooks. But in the same way, the hooks can set up each other, in this article I will explain how you can do this when throwing the double hook. Ok so I am talking about the […]

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3 Newly Crowned Champions Who Partied Too Hard and Lost…

Andy Ruiz Jr

So last week Anthony Joshua reclaimed the heavyweight titles of the world with a very comfortable win over Andy Ruiz Jr. Joshua was in control the whole fight and stuck to his game plan, which was a lot of lateral movement and not to engage on the rare occasion Andy Ruiz Jr was able to […]

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Anthony Joshua vs Andy Ruiz Jr II – The Breakdown

anthony joshua vs andy ruiz jr II

Anthony Joshua vs Andy Ruiz Jr II – The Breakdown Next week will see the biggest fight of the year in the heavyweight division when Anthony Joshua rematches against Andy Ruiz Jr. As we all know, Ruiz shocked the world when he defeated Joshua earlier in the year, upsetting Joshua’s maiden fight in the USA […]

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How to Counter the Right Cross by Mike McCallum

how to counter the right cross

Mike McCallum was a three weight world champion who boxed in the 1980’s and 1990’s. Heavily avoided, McCallum was known as the body snatcher for his penchant to target the body in his attacks. Featured in my book Forgotten Legends of the Ring, McCallum had a sharp boxing IQ and was certainly someone you’d call […]

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On This Day – The Ali Shuffle is Born…

Ali Shuffle

On November 14th 1966 Muhammad Ali faced Cleveland Williams at the Houston Astrodome in Texas, USA. At the time, Muhammad Ali vs Cleveland Williams wasn’t especially a massive fight, sure every fight Ali had was big news, but this wasn’t a Sonny Liston – not any more anyhow. The Williams of yesteryear was actually a […]

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Floyd Mayweather Jr – Check Mate

check hook

I have written in the past about not being predictable in your boxing, many times we see the really great boxers aren’t those who punch the hardest or punch the fastest, but think the quickest and make things hard for their opponent, whether that is mixing it up with how they throw certain punches or […]

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fitter, faster, stronger

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