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Eusebio Pedroza – The Slide and Pull

Eusebio Pedroza

The Defence of El Alacr Yesterday(February 3rd 1985) was 36yrs since Eusebio Pedroza put in what he believed was his finest performance against Jorge Lujan. Pedroza is sometimes overlooked, perhaps because he was from Panama boxing at a time one of the legends of Boxing Roberto Duran was around(Panama also had the likes of Ismael […]

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Aaron Pryor – Rolling to the Right

aaron pryor

The Hawk Aaron Pryor was arguably the greatest light welterweight champion of all time, a relentless pressure fighter who was constantly coming after you, not allowing the time or space to breathe or recuperate. Little wonder Pryor went undefeated until his 37th bout by which time he had come out of retirement and personal issues […]

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Andre Ward – Lead Right

andre ward

Andre Ward sometimes gets lost in the conversation of the best boxers of the 21st century but for a time he was the no.1 boxer in the world. When you think of the greats of recent times you will most often think of Floyd Mayweather Jr and Manny Pacquiao but make no mistake, Ward’s name […]

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Alexis Arguello – Cutting off the Ring

cutting off the ring

How to Fight a Southpaw There are two things to note in this video – firstly the title of this article, which is how Alexis Arguello was cutting off the ring, secondly his opponent was a southpaw so this is a good video to watch for more ideas on how to handle a left handed […]

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Muhammad Ali – The Head Feint

head feint

Muhammad Ali is the most famous boxer of all time, he is actually the most famous sportsman of all time too. Ali is mostly remembered for his fast hands and his fast mouth and his character was so large and his life so big that many people often overlook just how smart a boxer he […]

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George Benton – The Parry and Slip

george benton parry and slip

Tricks from the Master of the Philly Shell George Benton is someone I have written about numerous times on this site, of course he was also one of the fighters featured in my book Forgotten Legends of the Ring. Benton was a master of the Philly Shell style of fighting, hailing from Philadelphia, Benton was […]

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The Perfect Stance of Ezzard Charles

ezzard charles perfect stance

When you walk into a boxing gym for the first time, the first thing you learn is how to stand in what will be your boxing stance. Now there are a number of different stances and you will learn whichever the coach prefers or whichever guard they were taught themselves. In this article and corresponding […]

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Top Ten Greatest Boxers of All Time

top ten greatest boxers of all time

My List of the Best Ever Boxers Well it is about time I made my own list of the top ten greatest boxers of all time so with it being New Year’s Eve I guess this is the perfect time to write the list to give it that new year’s special feel. It is always […]

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The Right Hand of Joe Louis

Joe Louis

Joe Louis is considered by many as one of the greatest boxers of all time, named by the Ring Magazine as the number one puncher in boxing history, Louis was also trained by quite possibly the greatest boxing trainer ever, Jack Blackburn. Blackburn, or Chappie as he was often called, was very studious in the […]

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Emile Griffith – The Slip and Step

emile griffith

How to Fight Someone Taller Than You A question we have all asked ourselves is how do you fight someone taller than you? Emile Griffith was a terrific world champion who stood just under 5’7 tall. When Griffith was fighting as a Light Middleweight and Middleweight he was often going up against taller opponents so […]

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